Sound Slide & Stop Motion


playful exploration in dance photos and choreographic editing


concept by

Jamille Wallick Brayshaw


photos by

Erin Brayshaw


edited by

Jamille and Erin Brayshaw

The Revenge of the Discarded Ideas

An experimental stop action piece

Capturing Light

A playful exploration of light painting and sound slide editing

.Awarded The SECU Prize for Innovation Grant.

Lettuce Learn Is...

A film specifically created for a grant proposal, this includes the use of graphics, video, & photo to introduce this non-profit

Sample Sound Slide

a sample of a school interview sound-slide


photos & interview by

Jeff Goodman


edited by

Jamille Wallick Brayshaw

After creating a how-to video for doing an interview about a school, and taking photos of the school, we created this sample sound-slide for international students to use as a point of reference on how to create a sound slide