Project Direction: Madelyn Hjertmann


interviews submitted by anonymous volunteers


 film editing & graphics by Jamille Wallick Brayshaw


This was an editing job for a fund-raising campaign for a women's tracking app. I was excited to work on a project with roots in equality, community, and healthy living.

Quilted Peace

Yet We Remain

concept & text by Sayward Grindley


directed by

Sayward Grindly & Jamille Brayshaw


 film by Jamille Wallick Brayshaw


Room To Move

 film by Jamille Wallick Brayshaw


video and editing assistance by

Erin Brayshaw


editing assistance by

Jeff Goodman


This was my first documentary film, done in a reflective style. I set out to film someone else, but my reasons for choosing the subject were so personal that they ended up in the film.

The Lettuce Learn Project

 film by Jamille Wallick Brayshaw


editing assistance by

Erin Brayshaw


Special Thanks to the Lettuce Learn Project



Courtney Baines Smith began a non-profit organization to help schools implement gardens. She offers interns, classes, and a network of donations from garden centers, individuals with time or supplies, and much more. This film was created early in the project, at the pilot school garden program and introduces Courtney's vision and hope for the project.

How-to Video

A task specific how-to video


film by

Jamille Wallick Brayshaw


assisted by

Jeff Goodman

The purpose of this film is to show international students from Appalachian State University how to ask the right questions to end up with great audio and photos for a sound-slide. This is the informational video for them to use to create a sound-slide about the school that they visit internationally.

a project from the Penland workshop Piecework: Expanded Forms with Aaron McIntosh


 film by Jamille Wallick Brayshaw, Emma Nash, & Jeff Goodman

This was a collaborative exploration of the place we live and work. These mountains are difficult and beautiful, and we set out to share a bit of that through this dance for film piece.

This piece only came to be when the quilting students asked the documentary students to video the flag raising in order for them to document their group project. We never knew it would stir up so many deeper discussions on the Penland campus.


UMBRA APP (Editing & Graphics)

.Featured film at New Filmmakers NYC.
.2nd Place At the Blue Mountain Film Festival.